Chimp House Media

Welcome to Chimp House Media!

Chimp House Media is a new venture from me, Mike McGrail, founder of Velocity Digital and a marketer with 10 years experience. I work with incredible cinematography, editing, technical and design talent to create ‘business documentaries’ and a wide range of video for use on social media, your website and beyond.

Why did I start Chimp House?

I love to learn from other marketers and read a heck of a lot of blogs, listens to podcast etc, however, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of video that really digs into the knowledge of marketing people/teams (they’re always created by themselves, which isn’t the same!). So, I decided to approach one of the companies I really admire (Skyscanner) and ask if I could make a film about them. They said yes, and I decided that he wanted to make more films for marketers to learn from. Chimp House was born! Find out more on the ‘About’ page.

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