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Chimp House Media is a new venture from me, Mike McGrail, founder of Velocity Digital and a marketer with 10 years experience. I work with incredible cinematography, editing, technical and design talent to create 'business documentaries' and a wide range of video for use on social media, your website and beyond.


Chimp House has three key products:

Video services for business 

Video is the perfect way to shout about the excellent work your teams carry out, showcase the magic minds that make up the company and give a true look-behind the scenes. Unfortunately, it's rare that a business can make a truly great internal video!

We want to take the Chimp House style and apply it to your videos! I direct these, ensuring the right story is told, the important questions are asked and that you're able to really paint a picture of how awesome your business is. This approach is ideal for recruitment, thought-leadership, marketing and endless other uses.

From 'micro-video' for use on social media, to longer-form films, we've got it covered!

Marketing your video 

I've spent has 10 years taking content and putting in slap-bang in front of the right audiences and of course, pushing them towards taking action! Chimp House can make your video and then complete the loop by using it as part of your marketing activity.

Business documentaries

These are films such as the Skyscanner Growth documentary that go behind the scenes with incredible teams at brilliant businesses with the aim of giving others great content to enjoy and learn from. The subjects of these documentaries are chosen by me and funded by Chimp House.

Why did I start Chimp House?

I love to learn from other marketers and read a heck of a lot of blogs, listens to podcast etc, however, I've noticed a distinct lack of video that really digs into the knowledge of marketing people/teams (they're always created by themselves, which isn't the same!). So, I decided to approach one of the companies I really admire (Skyscanner) and ask if I could make a film about them. They said yes, and I decided that he wanted to make more films for marketers to learn from. Chimp House was born!Want Chimp House to make a Video for You?

Well, all you have to do is, contact me!


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